Alaska Cell Field Trips

Alaska Cell FOP Guidebooks

These are all also posted on the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Quaternary Center, on their Friends of the Pleistocene Page.

3 Responses to Alaska Cell Field Trips

  1. Orion George says:

    Please add me to your e-mail list. Thank you,

    • FOPadmin says:


      I added you to the Pacific Cell email list. I do not know of a list for the Alaska Cell and there has not been a trip for a couple of years. Sean Bemis was a part of that effort and he moved to the lower 48…

      BUT, if I learn of an Alaska trip, I will announce on the Pac Cell list. Likewise, if you hear about a trip in Alaska, please let me know!

      Thanks, kind regards, Jay

  2. Thomas Wayne Scofic says:

    Hi, Tom Scofic, Juneau. Geologist. Any one into reviving the Alaska cell?Welcome on board matey. Contact myself:, 2394762570

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