2023 Pacific Cell: Salton Trough

Friends of the Pleistocene
Pacific Cell
2023 Field Conference

The trip would focus on the eastern Salton Trough, with much on the southernmost section of the San Andreas fault which has not ruptured in 300 years. Topics would include:

1) earthquake history (Coachella, Salt Creek; Indio)(Philibosian, Rockwell, Williams, Seitz, Buckley);

2) slip distribution in past events (Buckley, Williams, Rockwell);

3) the role of extreme climate events (hurricanes) on the formation and preservation of geomorphic features used to record slip (Blanton, Rockwell);

4) the debate on how southernmost SAF slip makes it through San Gregorio Pass…is the Mill Creek / Mission Creek strand still active and by how much or did it die 100 ka ago (per Doug Yule)(Blisniuk, Weldon, Oskin);

5) the effects of lake loading on earthquake modulation in the Salton Trough (Hill, Brothers, Rockwell);

6) application of various dating techniques in this (currently) hyper-arid region;

7) the late Holocene history of Lake Cahuilla and sequencing of southern SAF system earthquakes (Rockwell);

8) the role of cross-faults beneath the Salton Sea as possible triggers for great SAF earthquakes (Brothers, Sahakian); 9) earthquake clustering – cycles and supercycles within the overall fault system (Rockwell, Philibosian);

9) the role of fault creep along the southern SAF – does this release deep strain (not according to InSAR)(Bilham, Fialko).

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