2015 PNW Cell FOP: Olympic Peninsula (2nd Announcement)

Dear 2015 PNW FOP participants,

Thanks for your interest in the upcoming PNW FOP! You’re receiving this email because you responded to our initial interest survey with a “definitely” or “possible” response, and here we will provide the essential information for the field trip. We hope you’ll join the festivities, and please pass this on to others who may be interested but weren’t on the original mailing list.

Please send any questions you may have to pnwfop2015@gmail.com, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

First important note: It is very important that we get firm participant numbers as soon as possible, so the following cost and payment info requires your action!

    Please visit the Field Trip website to learn more about the trip, to register, and to get the guidebook.

      Some of the information on the Field Trip website include:

      • Costs and payment

      • Camping

      • Lodging

      • Field guide

      • Car pooling

      • Dogs

      • Morning gathering locations for each day

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