2016 Pacific nw Cell: Ride Share

This page is set up for people to communicate about sharing rides.

If you want a ride or are offering a ride, please make a reply to this page. People who can offer the ride to those requested, or want to get a ride with one that is offered, please reply to the original comment. I will try to make a summary of the people offering rides as a table on this page.

Please include information such as your email/phone number (if you want to, or not, if you don’t want to), the amount of space you seek/have, your departure location, your route, etc. I will need to approve each post, but will do my best to get them approved asap. Get your information up asap so that this is not a last minute exercise.

Let’s see how this works. I have never set anything like this up and we can improve this as we find “issues.” Please contact me if you have any suggestions: jayp at cascadiageo.org

Jay P.

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