2008 Salton Trough

2008 Pacific Cell Fieldtrip

November 14-16, 2008



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Organizers and Leaders:

Tom Rockwell, Mike Oskin, Kim Le, Lewis Owen, Warren Sharp, Kate Fletcher, Susanne Janecke, Becky Dorsey, Caitlin Lippincott, Eldon Gath and George Jefferson

Cross-correlation of Quaternary dating techniques, slip rates, and tectonic models in the western Salton Trough, including stops on:

Deciphering the neotectonics of the southern San Jacinto and Elsinore fault zones, including slip per event and slip rate variations through time, their lifetime slip-rates versus their latest Quaternary slip rates. Have slip rates varied due to changing fault structure? Examining evidence for the Early Quaternary age of the San Jacinto fault zone.

Discussions on derivation of slip rates based on various dating techniques, including cosmogenic 10Be, U-series, OSL, soils. Dating soils via U-series on pedogenic carbonate. Dating Lake Cahuilla shoreline
deposits with Optically-stimulated luminescence – how good is OSL in a nearly ideal environment?

The implications of clast provenance and fan morphology combined with various dating techniques in estimating slip rates. Implications of fault arrays in mud-rich basins for paleoseismic studies. Crossing active faults-what is the evidence and how do they do this? Implications of ramps and flats on strike-slip faults. Fault youth and fault maturity: is this a useful model?

Limited to 3000 top-rate Quaternary types! No exceptions! Accommodations will be based on long-standing FOP standards – ie., we will camp.

Guidebook and Road Log

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