50th FOP Recollection

In 1987 there occurred the 50th Friends of the Pleistocene Reunion (Eastern Group).

Subsequently, a “recollection” was prepared by Richard P. Goldthwait. Goldthwait prepared musings about:

  • The Founding
  • The Non-organization
  • Where to Meet?
  • States and Provinces Invaded
  • How We Dash Around
  • Leaders’ Headaches
  • Who is a “Friend?”
  • The Real Objective
  • Why Have We Come Again and Again?
  • “Friends” All Over the Country

Thanks to Grahame Larson (Michigan State University) and Jim Teller (from University of Manitoba) for bringing this document to our attention.

From Grahame:

“Jim Teller (University of Manitoba) and I were at the Midwest Friends of the Pleistocene field conference this spring in southeastern Indiana organized by Bill Monaghan of the Indiana Geological Survey. We got to talking at the Saturday evening group diner and wondered if us “old timers” still had a copy of the history of the Friends of the Pleistocene written by Dick Goldthwait honoring the 50th anniversary of the founding of the “organization”. Goldthwait’s father was one of the founders of the Friends of the Pleistocene (now eastern section).”

Jim found a copy and Grahame emailed it in. If there are other historical resources about FOP and they would like to have that posted online somewhere on this website, please send your material (or post online) to jayp at cascadiageo.org.