2015 Pacific Cell FOP: Mohawk (campground info)

From Dr. Redwine:

Hello All FOPpers,

Some have wanted to know the final campground decision. We will be at the Gold Lake campground in the Lakes Basin all 3 nights (Thrs – Sat.).


Here is a map in pdf format (1 MB pdf).

Don’t pay – your fees, in part, went to the camp costs – we will take care of that.

It’s at 6400 ft – prepare for any weather – it will probably be cold at night! In fact, bring wood if you can please.

I can guarantee there will be bears. There are bear lockers that will probably hold most smelly food items.

There are tables and fire rings at each site, fires at individual sites are allowed in this campground, even with fire restrictions.

There is no water. There are places to fill water containers in town – but it may be better to pretend you are going to the desert – there is also a folk festival happening in the area that weekend and I am guessing filling water could be a hassle.

Good fishing here and a beautiful lake!

We are 125 friends so far and we seem to be growing rapidly. There are 38 campsites, so as it stands now we need an average of 3.289 people per site which is a comfortable number of folks per site. Unless you are the 0.289 of a person….. Depending on the final number of friends, we may need to pack in like the good friends we are. We will be at Gold Lake – remember that song ‘make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold?” Think of expanding that social circle!

Most camp sites will have room for more than one car, but not all. If needed, there is overflow parking near the boat ramp, you can unload and park your car there.

As you get into the campground, there is a loop on the left that might be best for any low clearance vehicles and trailers, though I have seen sedans and trailers at all sites in the campground.

Sites 35-38 on the right as you first enter the campground will be the ‘social scene’. If that is your scene, please camp there. There is a ton of room here. Depending on a few things, we may move the ‘social scene’ elsewhere, someone will be around to ask as you arrive so you can choose to be close to or far from the noise as desired.

There are campsites all along the lake – sites 13-34. Some are big, some are small. Please choose one that fits your group size and share as needed. The last 2 or 3 sites down this road are very big and quite a lot of people could fit in them as needed. Those larger sites at the end of the road are the social scene alternative……..

If you really want to camp away from the group you can go on up to the Gold Lake 4×4 campground or take GLH a few miles to the southwest of the Gold Lake turnoff and there is camping at a few small lakes there that are close enough to easily join the group in the morning.

There is an ‘overflow’ site that can handle quite a few folks as well. This is at the intersection of Frazier Falls Rd and Gold Lake Highway. No campfires allowed there, though. Fire danger is extremely high and fires are only allowed in designated campgrounds which this is not.

Next and final email will be the notification the guidebook is ready to download.

Better get back to it!


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