2010: Walker Lane

Most helpful to arranging logistics of trip if you do this early – thanks
Maps, stops , how-to-get-there and all are in the guidebook.
No mileages on maps. Only waypoints. Best you download them and put them on your handheld gps before leaving.
useful to have, songbook.

Friends of the Pleistocene. What it is. A non-organization. No elected officers. No by-laws. No membership fee. No permanent mailing address to which inquiries or any other correspondence are to be directed. Just a meet once a year for a field trip somewhere… well, somewhere… to look, discuss, and enjoy things Pleistocene and see old friends and acquaintances to boot.

For the curious, the heritage of the Friends dates to the Quaternary geologist Richard Foster Flint and some of his colleagues who conceived and convened the first meeting of this type back in Connecticut in 1934. Cells of it have since spread across the U.S….

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