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Dear FOPers,


I regret to announce that due to insurmountable logistical considerations that recently arose, we are unable to proceed with this year’s Pacific Cell field trip. I greatly apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the trip and will begin processing refunds in the coming days. If you know anyone who may be planning to attend the trip but may not be on the email list, I respectfully request that you inform them that the trip has been canceled. Unfortunately, the t-shirts for this trip have already been ordered and cannot be returned. If you are still interested in receiving a shirt, please email me in the next couple days and I can mail you the shirt and issue a partial refund for the rest of your registration (it cost ~$10 to print the shirts).

Due to the cancellation, we won’t be able to hold the business meeting in person to nominate next year’s trip. If you are interested in proposing a trip for next year, please send me your proposal by November 30. I will then take all proposals and put them to an online vote.

I again apologize for the disappointment and disruption that this announcement likely brings. I assure everyone that this decision was not made lightly. If you have already committed to traveling to Lassen, I strongly recommend consulting 1995 FOP Pacific Cell field guide (attached) as you explore the phenomenal geology of the Lassen region. I greatly look forward to seeing everyone at the 2019 trip.

Until then,

Bryant Platt

For archive:

If you are planning to attend this year’s Pacific Cell trip to Lassen but have not yet registered, please do so soon.  I need to send in the T-shirt order by the end of the day Tuesday to guarantee that the shirts will be done in time for the trip.  If you register after Tuesday I will not be able to guarantee you a shirt.  The registration website is located here.  Your registration fees help pay for your t-shirt, campgrounds, permits, insurance, and most importantly the beer (tentative tap list below).  Unfortunately the National Park entrance fee, which is $25/vehicle, is NOT included in the registration.

Carpool – If you are looking for a ride to FOP or plan to have an extra seat in your vehicle, please consider signing up for a carpool.  This year we’ve teamed up with GroupCarpool.com to help match passengers with open seats.  This will help us curtail our environmental impact and help ease logistics at a couple stops where parking is limited.

Dogs – Two of the stops (1-3 and 1-4) are not dog friendly, as per National Park Service policies.  For all other stops, please insure that dogs are on leash and well behaved, particularly on stops 1-1 and 1-2.

Sample Collection – As most of you are probably aware, the NPS frowns on collecting samples within National Parks.  Please help us preserve our working relationship with Lassen NP by keeping the hammers put away and refraining from collecting samples while within the National Park boundary.

The itinerary for this year’s trip is:

Thursday Night:  Meet up at base camp.  Thursday night’s camp is located at a disbursed site along along the Feather River off Forest road 29N95 (40.357619°, -121.404028°).  This is a primitive campsite and lacks (potable) water, so please plan accordingly.  Due to fire restrictions, there will be no fires at Thursday’s camp.

Friday: Lassen Volcanic Center

  • Depart camp at 0730 and arrive at Stop 1-1 by 830.
  • Stop 1-1: Pleistocene Volcanism at the Lassen Volcanic Center
    * How to Make Andesites (and Why Lassen is Important) – Bryant Platt, CSU Fresno
    * Early Lassen Volcanism: The Rockland Caldra – Bryant Platt, CSU Fresno
    * The Life Cycle of a Stratovolcano: The Rise and Fall of Brokeoff Volcano – Bryant Platt, CSU Fresno
  • Stop 1-2: Lassen Domefield
    * Volcanic History of the Lassen Domefield – Melissa Scruggs, UCSB
  • Stop 1-3: Chaos Crags and the Jumbles
    * Volcanic History of Chaos Crags and Melt Inclusions as a Window into Magma Chamber Process
    Note: This stop is NOT dog friendly
  • Stop 1-4: Cinder Cone
    * Regional Volcanism Near the Lassen Volcanic Center
    * Eruptive History of Cinder Cone
    * The hike to the top of Cinder Cone is optional but highly recommended.  Bring good boots and water if you plan to hike the trail to the top.
    Note: This stop is NOT dog friendly

Friday and Saturday Camp: We will be camping in the Hat Creek Group Campground on Friday and Saturday nights.  We have two of three loops of the group site reserved for Friday night and have the entire group campground booked out for Saturday.  The group sites have an advertised capacity of 150 people, and additional overflow sites will be booked in the main campground.  This site has potable water, and as it is a developed campground fires are allowed.

Saturday: The Hat Creek Graben

  • Stop 2-1: Introduction to the Hat Creek Graben
    * Late Pleistocene Tectonics of the Hat Creek Graben – Jeff Unruh, Lettis Consultants International
    * Late Quaternary Faults and Distributed Dextral-Oblique Deformation in the Hat Creek Graben – Brian Gray, Lettis Consultants International
    * Groundwater Flow from the Volcanic Terrains of Northeastern California – Jennifer Curtis, USGS
  • Stop 2-2: Big Spring
    *Hydrogeology of Big Spring by Shawn Wheelock, Lassen National Forest
  • Stop 2-3: Hat Creek Fault
    * Unconventional Paleoseismology of the Hat Creek Fault Using Cosmogenic He-3 Surface Exposure Dating – Dylan Rood, Imperial College; Bill Page, PG&E
  • Stop 2-4: Southern Rocky Ledge Fault
    * Offset Dependent Morphology of Basalt Scarps on the Rocky Ledge Fault, Northeastern California – Ashley Streig, Portland State University; Ray J. Weldon, University of Oregon; Gregory Martin, Portland State University
  • Stop 2-5: Northern Rocky Ledge Fault
    * Offset Dependent Morphology of Basalt Scarps on the Rocky Ledge Fault, Northeastern California, Continued  – Ashley Streig, Portland State University; Ray J. Weldon, University of Oregon; Gregory Martin, Portland State University
  • Stop 2-6: Paleo Lake Britton and Mushroom Rock Ridge
    * Paleo Lake Britton and its Extensive Diatomite Deposits Between Goose and Fall River Valleys – Bill Page, PG&E
    * The Mushroom Rock Ridge: An (in?)active anticline or an eroding volcanic center? – Jessica Jobe, USGS

Saturday Night: Business Meeting at 8:00 PM

Sunday: The Inks Creek Fold Belt (Talk list and titles tentative, finalized list will be included in update next week) 

  • Stop 3-1: Coleman Forebay Overview
    * Orientation
    * Humphrey
  • Stop 3-2:  Sacramento River Terraces
    * Warped Fluvial Terraces
    * Coleman Forebay Basalt – Table Mountain Paleochannel and Uplift on Hooker Dome Structure

Maps and a KML file indicating the locations of camps and stops will be released with the field guide late next week.

Tentative Tap List

  • General Sherman IPA – Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company (Fresno, CA)
  • Megathrust IPA – Seismic Brewing Company (Sonoma, CA)
  • Shattercone IPA – Seismic Brewing Company (Sonoma, CA)
  • Tricerahops DIPA – Ninkasi Brewing Company (Eugene, OR)
  • Volcanic DIPA – Lassen Ale Works (Susanville, CA)
  • Slammin’ Salmon DIPA – Mad River Brewing Company (Blue Lake, CA)
  • Two mystery kegs from Great Basin Brewing Company (Reno, NV)
  • More to come?

Registration Here

Please register at this eventbrite page.

Contact Information

-Bryant Platt
Graduate Student
CSU Fresno
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science

bryantwplatt at gmail.com

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