1985 Eastern Mojave

    Here is the guidebook for the 25-27 October 1985 Pacific Cell Friends of the Pleistocene Field Conference Trip to the Eastern Mojave Desert, California. Thanks to Dr. Silvio Pezzopane (or Bob McPherson, I can’t really remember) for the hard copy, that I scanned.

  • The Guidebook Editor is G. Robert (Bob) Hale.
  • The trip leaders were:
    • Bob Hale
    • Steve Wells
    • John Ritter
    • John Dohrenwend
  • Guidebook (58 MB pdf)
  • Cover Photo: View Northwestward toward Broadwell Lake Basin. Visible in the photo is the Ash Kill Paleochannel though to have carried overflow discharge from Death Valley as it spilled toward the Colorado River int eh Mid-Pleistocene. T.M. Oberlander photo. Click on the photo to download the guidebook