2014 Tecopa Basin

Fellow FOPers, mark your calendars for the 2014 Annual Pacific Cell Friends of the Pleistocene field trip, which will be in Tecopa basin in southeastern California, Friday through Sunday, November 7-9, 2014.


John Caskey, Marith Reheis, Gary Scott, Dan Larsen, Matt McMackin, Chris Menges, and Jeff Knott

Here is the 1st announcement: Pacific FOP 1st announcement

Here is the 2nd announcement: Pacific FOP 2nd announcement

Here is the pre-trip walk guide: Pacific FOP pre-trip walk

Here is the registration form: Pacific FOP Registration Form

PayPal Payment:

Payments Closed

Ride Share Page here

Join the Email List for the Pacific Cell here

September 2014 FOP Songbook here

(thanks Marith!)

The Second Announcement:

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