Mid West Cell Field Trips

These are the PNW FOP field trips I currently have. If anyone has more, please let me know how you can provide them to me so I can post them here.

  • 1963 (14th) Central Western Illinois: John C. Frye and H.B. Willman
  • 1972 (21st) East-Central Illinois: W. Hilton Johnson, Leon R. Follner, David L. Gross, and Alan M. Jacobs
  • 1979 (26th) Central Illinois: Leon R. Follmer, E. Donald McKay, Jerry A. Lineback, and David L. Gross
  • 1985 (32nd) Northern Illinois: Richard C. Berg, John P. Kempton, Leon R. Follmer, and Dennis P. McKenna
  • 1990 (28 MB pdf)
  • 1991 Hajic Trip (17 MB pdf)
  • 2005 (51st) Mississippi River Valley, Illinois: E. Donald McKay III, Richard C. Berg, Ardith K. Hansel, Timothy J. Kemmis, and Andrew J. Stumpf
  • 2006 does not yet exist
  • 2007 does not yet exist
  • 2008 (54th) Northeastern Illinois: Brandon Curry
  • 2011 (55th) Carlyle, Illinois: David A. Grimley and Andrew C. Phillips
  • 2014 (56th) Lower Ohio River Valley, Angel Mounds, Evansville, IN
  • 2017 (55th) Bloomington, Indiana: Henry Loope, Jose Luis Antinao Rojas Robert Autio, and G. William Monaghan

Here is the history from 1950 – 2011:

(Found in the 2011 Guidebook)

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