1979 west central Sierra Nevada, California

    Here is the guidebook for the 1979 Pacific Cell Friends of the Pleistocene Field Conference Trip to Glacial and Periglacial Deposits of the Mono Creek Recesses, west central Sierra Nevada, California: Measurement of Age-dependent Properties of the Deposits.

  • Guidebook (35 MB pdf)

I was walking to my rig following the first stop on the 2019 Sunday trip to the central Walker Lane and stopped to say hi to a couple people. One of them mentioned that he had provided us the 1979 fop guidebook. I thought, gosh, I should know this person. He probably thinks I am a nitwit for not remembering him.

I got back Sunday and passed out after a nice shower (only had 3 hrs sleep the night before; those darn business meetings can last so long.). got up, went to work, and got home to look at the website. no 1979 gb had been posted.

I went to my server and noticed that there was a 1979 guidebook, but it was still in a zip file. I looked at the contents and there was the 1979 GB, with a faint “Lubetkin” written in the top corner.

I searched my emails and found that Lester Lubetkin had provided this scan to “us” in Dec 2016. I must have been busy at that time in my life, lol.

I created this page and then opened up Filezilla (free FTP software from mozilla) and located a 1979 file directory online. It already had a 1979 GB in there, from June 2015. hmmm

Once I downloaded the files from online, I found the same GB, but this one was from Ian Pierce (who led this year’s trip).

The files I already had online were from a GB that Dr. Bud Burke had inscribed the first page a note to Ian and the University of Nevada Reno.

To Ian & UNR
This was the way your grandparents did it! :-)

The scan that Lester provided also includes the handouts that came with the GB. They are in the pdf, between the cover and the main part of the GB. The link above leads to the Lubetkin version.