Rocky Mountain Cell Field Trips

Here are the Rocky Mountain FOP field trips that we have material for. Please contact me if you have other trip information. We would love to share your information.

This is the list of the RM FOP trips (as published in the 2007 RM cell guidebook). Also posted below.

  • 1982 Central Utah
  • 1992 Jackson Hole, WY (Kenneth L. Pierce and John D. Good)
  • Sept. 12-14, 1997 The Active Geologic Environment of Central Colorado, Aspen-Glenwood Springs-Silt, Colorado (James R. McCalpin)
  • 2000 Red Gate to Blue Gate (UT)
  • 2001 Central Albuquerque Basin
  • Sept. 10, 2005 Craters of the Moon: Doug Owen, Craters of the Moon Park Ranger; Dr. Catherine M. Helm-Clark, Idaho National Laboratory
  • 2007 San Luis Valley, CO
  • 2008 Greys River, WY Quaternary Happenings in the Overthrust Belt, Western Wyoming
  • 2009 Lee’s Ferry, UT

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