2024: PNW Cell Oregon Cascades

Ice and Fire: The Glacier and Eruptive History of the Oregon Cascades

Three Finger Jack: Late Glacial Moraine

The 2024 PNW FOP Cell field trip will take place Thursday August 22 through Sunday August 25. The focus of the field trip will be to review new Helium 3 cosmogenic ages from the Three Finger Jack region and its classic moraine sequence and new eruptive chronology for the volcano and place this in context of the broader region and its climatic, geomorphic, volcanic and tectonic history. A Sunday side trip will be to prehistoric yet late Holocene moraines of Eliot Glacier on Mt. Hood where new Helium 3 cosmogenic ages will be presented.

Mt. Hood: left pre-LIA is visible across the valley

Dates: 22-25 August 2024

Location: Jack Creek Campground where a series of campsites are currently reserved (note camp is dry) https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/deschutes/recarea/?recid=38614. There is room for a finite amount of people in the campground and we will monitor registrations with this in mind.

Leadership Team: Dylan Rood (Imperial College London), Anders Carlson (Oregon Glaciers Institute), Hal Wershow (Central Oregon Community College), Javaria Aziz (Portland State University), Doug Clark (Western Washington University), Daniele Mckay (University of Oregon)

Mt Hood: right pre-LIA moraine is to the left against the vegetation

The general itinerary is:

Thursday 22 August – Arrive at Jack Creek Campground

Friday 23 August – hike from Jack Lake Trailhead to Three Finger Jack, discussing the new moraine ages, eruptive history of the volcano and the outburst flood from the historic yet now vanished Jack glacier

Saturday 24 August – car-based tour of the regional glacial geomorphology, tuyas, other volcanic features, and active tectonics

Sunday 25 August – leave Jack Creek Campground with those interested driving to Cloud Cap Trailhead on Mt. Hood where the prehistoric late Holocene moraines of Eliot Glacier will be visited and their new depositional ages discussed in light of a recent survey that found Mt. Hood glaciers have lost 40% of their area in the last two decades

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