Pacific Northwest Cell Field Trips

These are the PNW FOP field trips that I know about. If anyone knows about any more, please let me know how you can provide them to me so I can post them here. I would love to get older field trip guidebooks. Please email me at jayp at .

  • 2000 Newberry Crater, OR
  • 2002 Eolian Deposits and Megaflood Features, Columbia Plateau, WA

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  1. Cathryn Campbell says:

    Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you. I’m

    • FOPadmin says:

      There is no Pacific Northwest list serv, but I could add you to the Pacific Cell list…

      I will be announcing the PNW cell trips on that list. Next year, when the next PNW trip rolls around, you could probably get added to the list of people who get emails. However, since there are no more emails going out for that trip, it would not be easy to add you to a non existent email. Let me know if you want me to add you to the Pac Cell list (which is meeting this weekend).


  2. Ellen Lamont says:

    Does the 2000 Newberry Trip have a guidebook?

  3. Jack Arendt, R.G. says:

    Hello All, I just attended another great presentation from Professor Scott Burns, during which he announced that the Pacific Northwest FOP will be hosting a 2018 field trip through the Ice Age Floods Scab Lands (and/or there bouts).

    Please count me (and a couple of friends ) in with those wanting to attend.

    Thanks and enjoy the summer!

  4. Lucinda Bidleman says:

    Hi, FOP folk! I am very interested in going on the trip in September to the Channeled Scab Lands! Please let me know when signup starts! Thanks!

  5. Just in case anyone from your group might be interested in the Oregon Society for Soil Scientists winter meeting this year:
    Scott Burns will be speaking about the geology of Silver Falls State Park!

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