2015 Pacific Cell FOP: Mohawk (2nd Announcement)

From Dr. Joanna Redwine:

Hi FOPpers,

There have been some folks clamoring for more details of the upcoming 2015 Annual Pacific Cell Friends of the Pleistocene field trip in Mohawk Valley and the North Fork of the Feather River in northeastern California –

Friday through Sunday, September 25-27.

So, here is some more information for you.

1. We need a rough headcount to make the final decision regarding which campground we stay in – so if you know you are coming, please sign up sooner than later. This year we have two rates – a student and a non-student rate, so look for that when you sign up.

Please sign up using paypal on the 2015 Pacific Cell Field Trip Web Site:

2015 Mohawk Valley

2. If you want off the FOP listserv or know someone who wants to be added to the FOP list, there is a link to change as needed here:


3. Briefly, what we know about the trip so far:

Trip Contributors will be:

Joanna Redwine Bureau of Reclamation
John Wakabayashi California State University, Fresno
Tom Sawyer Piedmont Geosciences
Chris Kemp Lettis Consultants International, Inc.
Ken Adams Desert Research Institute
Ryan Gold USGS
Rich Briggs USGS
Jayne Bormann Nevada Seismological Laboratory, UNR
Julie Broughton Stantec Consulting Services Inc

Tentative Schedule (Not set in stone and very likely may change)

Day One – Tectonic setting of Mohawk Valley, geodetic models and recent mapping of the Mohawk Valley fault zone (MVFZ), glacial history of the Lakes Basin, soil development into glacial deposits, geomorphic evidence for a large Mohawk Lake, stratigraphy of thick packages of fluvial (fluvial deltaic?) deposits and the tephra beds within them, and evidence for large base level changes apparent in Mohawk Valley and possible relative contributions of faulting/basin subsidence and a fluctuating Mohawk Lake.

Day Two – Discuss late Cenozoic uplift and evidence for northward propagation of the Frontal Fault System, evidence for temporal variations in uplift-related incision rates over the past ~3 Ma, results from recent mapping and paleoseismic study of the MVFZ, stratigraphy of the Mohawk lake beds, and paleoelevation of the Sierra Nevada derived from analysis of Eocene flora.

Day Three – More glacial deposits and soils developed into moraines in the Lakes Basin, glacial outwash (fluvial-deltaic?) deposits and the tephra beds within them, and tephrostratigraphic correlations from 26 tephras deposited over 740 ka in the Mohawk lake beds.

4. Logistics –

• As per usual, most of us will meet up Thursday night so we are ready to start the trip Friday morning. The trip will be all day Friday, Saturday, and a half day Sunday.
• For those who want more camping details – We will either be in the Eureka-Plumas State Park or in one of two Forest Service campgrounds along Gold Lake Highway (Gold Lake or Lakes Basin campgrounds). When the final decision is made, I will send an email out. The Gold Lake campgrounds have pit toilets, tables, and fire pits – no water.
• There is also lodging in Graeagle and other nearby areas. Some of those locations are listed below.

Basic hotel in Graeagle is:


Nicer lodges that are close:





Nicer lodges that are close enough:


Portola is only about 30 minutes away from where we will be camping and there are some more hotels there.
• A field trip ride share page has been set up here:

• This is not a middle of nowhere FOP. There will be gas stations, water, little grocery stores along the way for forgotten items and such. If we are not in the state park, you will need to bring your own water.

• 2wd vehicles will be fine for this trip. There will be one or two stops where we will consolidate to minimize cars and leave the low clearance cars behind for a short time.

I will send a short email when the guidebook is available and/or when the camp location is nailed down.


Joanna Redwine
Seismology, Geomorphology, and Geophysics Group
Bureau of Reclamation
(303) 445-3188

from me (jay p): here is a pdf of this second announcement.

From the first announcement:

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