Pacific Cell Field Trips

  • This is a list of the trips, their dates, and the leaders.
  • Please contact me if you have or can acquire any field trip guidebooks that are not listed below. As soon as I get them, I will post them on line for everyone to share. Email me at jayp at

Here are some Pacific Cell Friends of the Pleistocene Field Trip Guidebooks and web sites:

21 Responses to Pacific Cell Field Trips

  1. Kathleen Kubal says:

    Please add my name and email to the list for the annual FOP trip. Thanks!


    • FOPadmin says:


      we have not yet set up an email list, but plan to do shortly. we will include you in this list and we will make sure that all FOP trips this year will post to that list.

      thanks! jay

  2. Doug Rasmussen says:

    Please add my name and email to your list.
    Thanks, Doug

    • FOPadmin says:

      we will be setting up a list very soon. i will duly add your email to the list at that time.

      regards, jay

  3. Kathy Randall says:

    Can you please add me to the email list? And…Is there a date set for the 2013 field trip yet?

  4. Donald Wells says:

    Please add me to the list (unless I’m still on it!). I’ve been inexcusable absent from the trip for years!

  5. Reid Fisher says:

    Please add my name and email to any upcoming FOP list. What’s the latest?

  6. Ann Meneguzzi says:

    Haven’t yet seen info about a Pacific Cell 2013 trip. Is one planned?
    Please add me to the contact list.

  7. James Peeler says:

    Hello. Please add my name to your email list for field trip and any meetings information you may have. I heard that you were going to the site of the Easter Earthquake this February and I would definitely like to go. I went wth Dr. Rockwell and SDAG a couple years ago, and thought it was awesome.

    James Peeler

  8. Teresa Ramirez says:

    Please add my name and email to the list for the annual FOP trip. Thanks! Teresa

  9. Christal says:

    2015: Hope there’s a trip planned to walk in and around the San Andreas fault site.

    • FOPadmin says:

      Maybe next year. Try to help find people who are working there and get them started on planning a trip that they can propose at next year’s FOP business meeting!

  10. Brent Roath says:

    Please add my email address so I can receive announcements of future field trips. Thanks

  11. Mark Boryta says:

    I hope this site is still active – please add my name to your list too, thanks!

  12. Stu Garrett says:

    Please add me also.

  13. Laura McLean says:

    I just enrolled in your 2017 trip. Please add me to your email list for future trips. Very excited about Owens Valley!

  14. sandy figuers says:

    I can fill in the holes in your field trip biblo. the only one I never found is china lake lake (1976). I have a complete digital copy of Gurola’s santa barbara field trip – it took me over 6 years to get a copy from him.

  15. Please add my name and email to the list for the annual FOP trip.

  16. slucas says:

    Please add me earthjay!

    Thanks : )

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