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Guidebook (final)
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2010 Henry Mtns, UT
2009 Lee's Ferry, UT
2008 Greys River, WY
2007 San Luis Valley, CO
Who is the real FOP?
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If you are interested in attending or presenting, please add your name to this list. Email updates will begin mid-summer.


Sept 22 (Thurs)
Participants gather in the evening, camping at Downata Hot Springs ($3/head)

Sept 23 (Fri)
Lake terraces/dates, Bear River drainage, Red Rock Pass, Visit Marsh Valley/Portneuf Gap, Camp @ Massacre Rocks ($3/head)

Sept 24 (Sat)
Lake Channel Spillway, Milner Dam Area (potholes, bedrock incision mechanisms, entrance to Snake R canyon), Devil's Corral/Blue Lakes Incision. Primitive, free, dry BLM camping with pit toilets. Big Dinner Party!

Sept 25 (Sun)
Side Canyons, Expansion bars?, Melon Gravels?,  folks start heading home mid-morning


Lettered markers are not explicitly planned stops. See guidebook and agenda for explicit stop locations and times.

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