2020 (2021) Pacific Cell: Ride Share

This page is set up for people to communicate about sharing rides. But, it is broken. so, do this instead:

The Rideshare Google Sheet is now set up. Please head over here to offer or seek potential carpool opportunities.

Jay P.

Here are the comments (for some reason they are not showing up and I have already spent an hour trying to figure this out. I probably won’t do the ride share web page again because of this.)

  • I’ll be attending this year’s FOP trip (I’ve been on one or two before: definitely Panamint Valley). My car isn’t 4WD, so it sounds like I need to try to carpool with others; it’ll just be me. Any offers? Vaccinated, glad to wear a mask in the car.

    I’ll be driving to MNP by myself, as I’ll be doing a 2-week road trip, so I’m just looking for a ride for the field trip days.
    Steve saf76 @ earthlink.net

  • I am coming up from San Diego, will pay you the fifty dollars at the start of the trip. I have a four-passenger, high clearance 4by4. Will have room for two passengers, back seats, during the trip. My brother will join me on the field trip.
    George Morgan georgemorgan @ cox.net
  • Thinking about flying into Vegas from Portland with two of my friends. We’d have our backpacking gear, but no 4×4 or other transportation to/from/during the event. Jack Arendt Geostuff1 @ gmail.com
  • I will drive to the campground but I would like to get a ride from somebody with a four wheel drive vehicle for the trips from the campground to the stops. Maybe you’ll have room for me after camping gear is unloaded?! Steve Edelman steve.h.edelman @ gmail.com

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