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2nd Announcement

Friends of the Pleistocene, Alaska Cell

2006 Second Annual Field Trip

Copper River Basin

Greetings 2006 FOPpers!

Here are some long awaited details for this weekend's 2nd Annual Friends of the Pleistocene Field Trip to the Copper River Basin. The general itinerary is as follows.


Friday night

Gather at the BIG gravel pit on the Denali Highway just past Paxson Lodge on the south side of the road (not at Tangle Lakes as posted earlier)


Saturday morning

Trip begins at the gravel pit (10:00 am)
Paxson to Kenny Lake (past Copper Center)

Saturday night

Camp Kenny Lake Mercantile and RV Park



Kenny Lake to Matanuska Glacier via Glenn Hwy

Sunday night

Camp Matanuska Glacier --official Closing Ceremonies



ON YOUR OWN Matanuska Glacier hike --return home


Saturday Stops:

  • Meiers Lake: (Dick Reger, P. Heiser, P. Burns) paleoshorelines, terraces, outlet channels
    Wrangell Volcanoes Overlook
  • Gakona River Overlook: Copper River Basin History, Glacial Lake Atna (Cathy Conner, UAS)
  • Simpson Hill road failure and mud volcanoes (Suzanne McCarthy, PWSCC)
  • Glennallen: permafrost, groceries
  • Klutina River slope failures (Suzanne McCarthy)
  • Kenny Lake: Chetaslina Volcanic Mass-Flow Deposit (Kristi Wallace-USGS/AVO)

Sunday Stops:

  • Tolsona Mud Volcanoes (Suzanne McCarthy)
  • Lake Louise Road Overlook
  • Sheep Mountain
  • Matanuska Glacier: glacial history (Dick Reger), glacial dynamics/hydrology (Patricia Heiser)
  • Closing Ceremoniesofficial end of FOP 2006 trip


  • Independent hiking/exploring Matanuska Glacier . . . . .return home


  1. Please carpool as much as possible, there are at least 30 people, 3 vans, and numerous assorted vehicles. Reducing the number of cars will increase safety, induce camaraderie, and save gas!
  2. Bring all needed camping gear: tent, bag, sleeping pad, cook kit, etc. We will stop for groceries in Glennallen. See checklist below.
  3. Dress appropriately for wind, rain, snow, bugs, MUD. The typical Alaskan field trip.
  4. Glacier hike is "on your own" Good boots recommended.
  5. Anyone with any firewood lying around and room to transport it in your car is strongly encouraged to contribute to the traditional FOP Evening Fire Program.
  6. Good dogs welcome, but may need to remain in cars or be on leashes at times. Keep in mind there will be families and kids.


$15 includes the cost of camping at Kenny Lake and entrance fee and camping at Matanuska Glacier. Van riders may have to contribute some for gas, UAA van rental and some gas has been funded by UA Geography Program. If everyone could pay me (Heiser) cash or checks on Saturday I will settle campgrounds costs with one transaction. Mat Glacier will have a list of paid' folks at the gate.


Almost there! We are waiting for a few contributions, and a (literal) computer crash put us a little behind in the guide book department. The guidebook will be loaded as a PDF file on the FOP website by Friday morning. It is our hope that most of you can print it yourselves and bring it along. Color will be best if you have the capability. **NOTE: If you do not think you will be able to get to a computer and printer between Friday morning and the time you depart for FOP Headquarters in Paxon, please send us an email and we will try to bring enough copies. Unfortunately, costs prohibit us from printing guidebooks for all, so if you can get yours printed ahead of time that would be great. Sorry we could not make it available sooner.


Please see the FOP songbook on the website. Print it! Learn every song. Bring instruments and talent. Or no instruments and no talent. It's all good, and part of the FOP tradition! Write your own!


  • 3 or 4 season tentconsider an extra tarp if your tent is not waterproof.
  • Inflatable sleeping pad or 2 foam padsfor sleeping on coarse gravel.
  • Sleeping bag good to 15F or so.
  • Rain gear and rubber boots. Hats, mittens, warm clothes.
  • Water jugs (though likely available Sat and Sun nights)
  • Cook stove and cooking utensils
  • Food for 2 1/2 days (there are stores in the area with limited supplies).
  • Camera and binoculars.
  • Camp chairs.
  • Firewood.
  • First aid kit.
  • Maps, reading materials, notebook, hand lens, shovel, etc.

(Juneau gang: we've got you covered on camp kitchen stuff)


Below is a list of participants I have compiled via email RSVPs. Please forgive any spelling or affiliation errors, I'm winging it. If you know anyone who hopes or plans to come and is not on the list, please forward this message and let me know. I apologize I have not been able to write back to everyone, or respond sooner. Hopefully this document will answer most of your questions. If not, please email or feel free to give me a call at 451-8940. If you cannot make it, or are joining us along the way, please let us know so we do not worry if you don't show.

Check the website for the Guidebook! We will send another notice out when it is finally posted! See you Friday!

-Patricia Heiser and Patty Burns

  • Ed Berg - FWS Kenai
  • Logan Berner - UAS
  • Toby Bielawski - CA
  • Nancy Bigelow - UAF
  • Daniel Bliedron - UAS
  • Bob Swenson - DGGS
  • Matt Bowes - UAF/UAA
  • Jereme Berns - DGGS
  • Amanda Chriest - UAA
  • Cathy Conner - UAS
  • Sarah Gerken - UAA
  • Patricia Heiser - UAA/UAF
  • Henry Hill - UAA
  • Laura Kelly - Fairbanks
  • Alfred Kleck - UAF
  • Jessica Larsen - Kodiak
  • David McDowell - Fairbanks
  • Suzanne McCarthy - PWSCC
  • Emily Molhoek - UAF
  • Dan Nabor - UAF
  • Matt Nelson - UAS
  • Allison Payne - UAF
  • Dick Reger - Kenai
  • Janet Schaefer - DGGS
  • Grant Shimer - UAF
  • Diana Solie - DGGS
  • Kim Streeter - UAF
  • Walt Tape - UAF
  • Eric Van Dongen - UAA
  • Yiming Wang - UAF
  • Elizabeth Wasserman - NPS Homer
  • Josh ? - UAF