2019 Central Walker Lane

Welcome all to the 2019 Friends of the Pleistocene: Central Walker Lane trip!

The 2019 meeting will take place from Thursday 10/3 through Sunday 10/6. So far, myself (Ian Pierce), Ken Adams, Jayne Bormann, Rachel Hatch, Chad Carlson, Craig DePolo, Bill Hammond, and Russell Shapiro have agreed to present. If you have any work in the area you would like to present, please let us know and we will include you!

All plans are subject to change, but here is a brief preview. Currently, we are planning to meet up Thursday night in the eastern part of Carson Valley, near Minden/Gardnerville NV. From there, on Friday morning, we will give an overview of the trip and discuss the East Carson Valley and Genoa fault zones. Then we travel east through Smith and Mason valleys, where we will discuss fault geometries, strike-slip faults, slip rates, and paleomagnetic rotations. We will likely spend Friday and Saturday nights camped in Fletcher Valley, close to the epicentral area of the 2016 Nine-Mile Ranch earthquake sequence. Saturday we will cross the Wassuk Range and spend the day looking at alluvial fans, shoreline deposits, and strike-slip features along the western margin of Walker Lake. Sunday is up in the air, but possible stops include the Aurora/Bodie volcanic fields, Bridgeport basin faulting and glacial chronologies, Walker River tree stumps, ??? (if you have an idea, please step up). A large portion of this trip will include travel on well maintained graded dirt roads, so you might want to leave your Tesla at home.


Ian Pierce

Center for Neotectonic Studies/Nevada Seismological Lab

University of Nevada, Reno

ian @ nevada.unr.edu

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