2018 Pacific Cell

Hello FOP’ers,

I am excited to formally announce that for 2018 the Pacific Cell FOP will be returning to the Lassen region of north-eastern California. The goals of this trip are to pick up where the 2015 North Sierra FOP ended and trace how strain is partitioned between the northernmost Walker Lane and the Inks Creek fold belt, and to explore the volcanic history of the southern Cascades. We plan to cover the area between Mohawk Valley, Lake Britton, and the Sacramento Valley. The trip is scheduled for September 27th – September 30th. (updated 2018.05.21)

If you are doing research in this area and are interested in presenting, or if you have any recommendations for presenters, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the Cascades!

-Bryant Platt
Graduate Student
CSU Fresno
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Science

bryantwplatt at gmail.com

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