2017 Pacific Cell: Ride Share

This page is set up for people to communicate about sharing rides.

If you want a ride or are offering a ride, please make a reply to this page. People who can offer the ride to those requested, or want to get a ride with one that is offered, please reply to the original comment. I will try to make a summary of the people offering rides as a table on this page.

Please include information such as your email/phone number (if you want to, or not, if you don’t want to), the amount of space you seek/have, your departure location, your route, etc. I will need to approve each post, but will do my best to get them approved asap. Get your information up asap so that this is not a last minute exercise.

Let’s see how this works. I have never set anything like this up and we can improve this as we find “issues.” Please contact me if you have any suggestions: jayp at cascadiageo.org

Jay P.

15 Responses to 2017 Pacific Cell: Ride Share

  1. Bob Walker says:

    Burbank or Los Angeles area ??

    • Hi Bob, I’m in Silverlake, are you still looking for a carpool buddy? My only constraint is that I have a flight from LAX at 8.25 pm on Monday. Assuming the drive takes ~4hrs, then I would need to get away from Owen’s Valley by 1.30pm at the latest. If you would prefer to stay longer on Monday thats no problem, I have a car! Thanks

  2. Ellen Pyatt says:

    Driving a Chevy Tahoe down from Sacramento, looking for a couple passengers. :)

    • Emily Brown says:

      I’m looking at coming from Portland. Wondering if it might be workable to fly into Sacramento. Any chance you still have an empty seat and room for camping gear?

      • Emily Stayner says:

        That’d be awesome! Ellen and I are riding together and would enjoy having another Emily along.

      • Ellen Pyatt says:

        Hi Emily, Are you still coming down? We have a lot of room for your gear, and the airport is an easy pickup. Emily is working near Mono Lake, and we are picking her up on the way. You can reach me at ellen dot pyatt at gmail dot com. :)

  3. Brittany Burson says:

    San Diego, but can meet up in Los Angeles area. I have super low clearance (Prius!) so lookinng to hop in something else.

    • Bob Walker says:

      Hello Brittany,
      I’m in Burbank on I-5, but reserved a room in Big Pine. Auto is a roomy Honda sedan (back seats flip down and forward); thinking of renting a Jeep Cherokee or Toyota Land Cruiser if available here in Burbank. Where are you staying and would you be interested in car pooling up from here ? Have garage space for Prius. Departing mid-day on Friday…

      -Bob 818-683-3095

      • Brittany Burson says:

        Hi Bob, thanks for the offer! My plans have changed and it looks like I’ll no longer be able to attend this year. Perhaps we can carpool next year. Thank you —

        • Bob Walker says:

          Sorry u aren’t able to make it! I’m eagerly waiting for next Friday as this looks to be well attended and an awesome time to be in the Owens Valley.

          Appreciate your reply Brittany

  4. Greg Zaller/Alan Stahler says:

    We are two guys coming from Nevada City, California. Is there anybody in the Roseville/Yuba City/Sacramento area who can give us a ride the rest of the way? We can also meet somewhere on Hwy 80 if you’re coming from the Truckee/Reno area.

    • Emily says:

      Hi Greg and Alan,
      Ellen and I are departing Sacramento. We have two spare seats in our Chevy Tahoe. I live on property 12 miles East of Sacramento, Sloughhouse, and have room for vehicles to be parked behind a gate.

      • Greg Zaller/Alan Stahler says:

        A third friend of ours with a “good” car has decided to go, so we will be riding with him. Thank you for the offer, Emily, and we look forward to meeting you and Ellen at FOP!

  5. Heather Gang says:

    Is anyone going from southern Nevada that wants to carpool? I have a truck.

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