2016 Pacific Cell: Lost and Found

If you found anything during the trip that might belong to someone else, please post a comment below.

Please include contact information and a brief description of the found object.

2 Responses to 2016 Pacific Cell: Lost and Found

  1. Nathan says:

    Lost silver HTC phone-
    its was in airplane mode
    its not locked
    probably lost near main fire


  2. Nathan Barrett says:

    I lost a silver HTC cell phone near the fire on Saturday night. The phone has no case, and a manufacturers sticker on the back. It was left on airplane mode all weekend and does not have a screen lock. If found, use the phone to call Gordon Seitz @ (925) 980-4997. I will be periodically calling the phone in the mean time. I can be reached at nathan.barrett3033@gmail.com

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