2015 Pacific Cell: Lost and Found

This page is set up for people to communicate about found items.

If you have someone’s item, please make a reply to this page. If an item is listed and it is yours, reply to the post (do not make a new reply).

Please include information such as your email/phone number.

I will need to approve each post, but will do my best to get them approved asap.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions: jayp at cascadiageo.org

Jay P.

4 Responses to 2015 Pacific Cell: Lost and Found

  1. Shirin Leclere says:

    I picked up a clear glass beer mug with Pangea Mug Club etched on it after the Club FOP rave.

  2. FOPadmin says:

    John Caskey found three items. I here post the information about all of them, though it appears that two of them are finding their way home… If the first item is yours, please contact John. Here is is email: caskey at sfsu.edu

    I have a newish-looking camping chair with its jacket and a gray, nylon, lightweight, goose-down pullover that were left behind at the SFSU overflow camp (where business meeting and awards ceremony were held).

    I have Ronna’s cooler, which is full, and I mean packed full of goodness and libations. Sorry Ronna. You were probably thinking we might deliver the cooler to its rightful owner (unknown at the time) at Sunday’s Stops, and we would have, except that Sunday’s Stops never happened for us (Sorry Wak!). I will hang on to the cooler until the two of you can be reunited; Panamint? Can’t say if the libations will be around after all that time; wouldn’t want then to go bad (ha! ha!)…..as they disappear so we will toast thanks and praises your way with each crack of the can.

    I have Heath’s jacket and headlamp from the 2014 Tecopa Basin FOP. Its in the mail tomorrow Heath, I swear!

    • John Caskey says:

      Hi Heath, Its actually in the mail today, which is yesterdays tomorrow. Meant to get it out yesterday which was the tomorrow I referred to the day before. It did get washed while it wasn’t getting mailed out yesterday, and so now it’s good to go out today. Cheers!

  3. FOPadmin says:

    I found two fold up seats that were left in my truck at the SFSU camp following the awards ceremony. Please contact me if they are yours, otherwise I will attempt to bring them to next year’s trip. Tell me the color and we can resolve this found item issue.

    Reply to this post and email me here: Jason.Patton at humboldt.edu

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