Pacific Cell FOP Most Deserving Award: Restoration

Here we present the results of the enjoyable task of restoring the Most Deserving Award from the degradation from the many years of travel, most recently while being cared for by Dr. Tom Rockwell.

    Here is the post that includes photos of how Tom let the award fall into the most recent disrepair.
    Dr. John Caskey brought this award back to life again.

  • Here is is email: caskey at
  • Here is his San Francisco State University webpage

And, last, but not least, the newly restored Most Deserving Award, in all its glory:

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One Response to Pacific Cell FOP Most Deserving Award: Restoration

  1. John Caskey says:

    Thanks for posting my pic. It came to me in pieces last Fall in Tecopa, so I put some time into refurbishing it leading up to the most excellent Mohawk Valley FOP last weekend, where the Most Deserving Award was handed over to a most deserving recipient, Joanna Redwine (Trip Leader) at the close of the Awards Ceremony. I had no vivid memory of what the original or even more recent versions of the award looked like in detail, so I took liberty to create something from the remnants of two goat skulls and a pair of (cross) bones. I added the horse teeth and the “Pacific Cell” plaque at the bottom. The skulls and cross bones were stitched and epoxied together, then screwed and glued to the mahogany base from behind (to conceal the screws), and I added a couple fresh coats of polyurethane. There’s now room on the board for perhaps another 30 years worth of plaques, and it might now survive another 30 years as long as the award isn’t given to somebody who feeds it to their dog. Just sayin’.

    If anyone has photos of the award (and awardees) from any of the past 30 years (dating back to 1984), please post them. It would be especially cool to see photos dating back to the earliest years of the Most Deserving Award. Thanks everyone for making Mohawk Valley yet another special gathering among Friends.

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